Gros plan sur Adam Infanticide / Focus on Adam Infanticide

Gros plan sur Adam Infanticide

Durant une petite balade dans le centre ville d’Okaland j’ai pu remarquer quelques stickers, peu nombreux mais percutants. Juste du texte. Même pas un logo? Non! Eko m’apprend hier qu’il s’agit d’un certain Adam Infanticide. Google me confirme la chose assez vite. Alors pour faire plaisir à ses huge fans et surtout pour introduire ma prochaine série de photos en provenance de la Bay, petit zoom sur cet artiste rigolo, piquant et insolant.

Sinon j’ai trouvé ce lien

(pour la dernière photo j’ai un petit doute)





Zoom on Adam Infanticide

This summer, some of my afternoons were dedicated to a walk through Downtown Oakland. There are so much things to see there, between graffitis and stickers it was a pleasure to discover and shoot all these pieces. Each time I had to quit wandering because the memory card of my camera was full. While I was doing my street touristic tour I noticed a series of stickers really forceful. Just text. Some words. A line looking like a motto. Yesterday Eko taught me that it was signed by Adam Infanticide. Goggle confirmed it. I found that showing his work was a good way to introduce a next post with stickers coming from the Bay Area. I let you enjoy these few pictures.

You can also look at this gallery, or google it yourself and find something better.

(I’m not sure that the last one if from him, there is no heart, seriously, that’s confusing)

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  1. eko

    Hehe, merci pour ce billet.

    Effectivement la dernière est sujette à caution 🙂
    Le coeur faisant office de signature n’étant pas présent.

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